Zend Framework...Without Inhaling

I recently had the privilege of being asked to write an article for php|architect magazine called “Zend Framework…Without Inhaling” and the honor of being published in the November 2011 issue. You can read all about the issue here and purchase a copy if you don’t already have a subscription. I have previously given a presentation on this same topic and a video recording of it is available on the Presentations page. Below is the article synopsis:

Zend Framework…Without Inhaling
Not sure how to integrate all Zend Framework has to offer into your existing code? Do you want to know how you can use Zend Framework without having to fully adopt the MVC architecture? What if you want to begin using MVC later? This article will present ideas and examples on how you can integrate Zend Framework into your existing codebase with minimal need for future refactoring.

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