A Conversation About REST

I recently had the opportunity to present my “A Conversation About REST” talk at ClubAJAX. A REST API involves more than just pushing data back and forth between endpoints. REST is a set of principles and not a specification, so as such you have freedom in how to develop your API. This freedom can lead to confusion though, as it’s hard to find concrete examples of its implementation. This presentation explained what REST is and also presented a variety of topics and questions you will certainly come across while implementing your API.

The Presentations page has a link to the video recording of the talk, which was very lively with a lot of audience participation. Definitely worth watching!

At the end of the presentation I make reference to an invaluable reference graphic that you owe to yourself to check out. You can view the image at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B71_ZTUdcqhBX1o4UW9GSWliVTg/view?usp=sharing.

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