I will be presenting at the Dallas TechFest 2010 Conference

I will be presenting a session titled “You can have it all! Zend Framework introduced into your current code” at the Dallas TechFest 2010 Conference. The synopsis of the session is:

Have you been reviewing all Zend Framework has to offer but aren’t sure how to integrate it with your existing code? How can you begin taking advantage of Zend Framework without having to fully adopt the MVC architecture? What do you do when you later want to being using MVC? Hint: You don’t have to throw away any of your code! This session will present ideas and examples on how you can integrate Zend Framework alongside your existing code base with minimal need for future re-factoring.

See all the details on the Presentations page.

UPDATE (17 Aug 2010): Video and code examples have been added to the Presentations page.

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